Redevelopment of Housing Societies in Mumbai

Is there is a need to renovate your building because it is in a very bad shape and need major repairs? Is the society having enough funds for such renovation? Is there any guarantee that the building will have good life after major repairs? If the answer is no, in such a situation, the better […]

FIR against Builders is now possible in Maharashtra

As per the latest circular dated 1st July 2016  issued by the Director General of Police (Maharashtra), any consumer or flat purchaser aggrieved against the Builders or Developers for (1) Not making documents (like 7/12 extract, property card, title certificate etc.)  available for inspection at the construction site u/s 3 of Maharashtra Ownership Flats Act (MOFA), […]

HUF (Hindu Undivided Family) cannot be a partner in firm

HUF (Hindu Undivided Family) cannot be a partner in firm   As per Ministry of Corporate Affairs, in response to clarification sought by ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India), states that a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) cannot become a partner in a partnership firm; MCA states that Karta or any other individual of the […]

Divorce by Mutual Consent in India

The fastest way of getting a divorce in India is divorce by mutual consent as other options may take a few years before it gets disposed off. Further, there is no guarantee of getting divorce even after waiting for a few years from the time of filing the application. Section 13 B of the Hindu […]

How to Transfer Property after the death of the owner

It is already difficult that you have to go through the ordeal of losing your dear one, during such situation, one has to also think about the transfer of Flat that is being owned by the deceased. With property prices soaring, people have lost their desire to maintain relations with their immediate family members and […]

Difference between a stay order and an injunction

Stay Order An order of stay indicates stoppage, arrest or suspension of judicial proceedings. Among various other uses, an order of stay is primarily passed against execution (putting the decree into practice) of a decree (an adjudication determining the rights of the parties). A stay is made against execution of a decree to enable the […]

Sale of property

We have a cooperative society flat. My father and mother were joint owners. The original deed has both their names. After my fathers demise, we transferred the shares to my mothers name. We also had the succession certificate furnished in my mothers name. Now my mother wants to sell the flat. The new buyers lawyer […]

Legal aspects at time of purchase or sale of property

It is important to get the right kind of legal advice when dealing with property-related matters, it’s just as important to be acquainted with the common acts and laws that are involved in the process. The purchase or sale of property is a complicated affair and by gaining some knowledge of the steps involved, one […]

What to do in case of theft or misplacement of property documents

The loss, theft or misplacement of property documents is a cause of concern for property owners since no transaction can be completed without checking the original sale deed. It is typically regarded as the sole proof of ownership of property. In case of loss, the owner must get the duplicate documents so that the chances of misuse are minimized. Here’s […]

Transfer your Property via Gift Deed or Will

There are two ways through which you can transfer your share in the property in your wife’s name: If you make gift deed If you make a gift deed then absolute and clear title would pass to your wife and she would become an undisputed owner of the property during your lifetime. Once a gift […]