NRI Legal


Are you an NRI (Non Resident Indian) searching for expert legal assistance related to property, real estate or other investments in India? OR are you searching for expert legal assistance related to Visa, Marital relationships or Divorce proceedings in India?

The major problem that NRI community face is that in their absence from India, their cases get neglected due to lack of time on the part of relatives’ or friends handling these on their behalf. Any lawyers without required communication system or other infrastructure cannot manage affairs for an NRI. Time lags often create ambiguity. We at SN Legal Law Firm understand that gap and have built a remarkable communication system to enable constant connect with our clients. We pride ourselves on the fact that none of our clients are made to go through the hassle of travelling back and forth to India. Ordinarily, any NRI petitioner would be required to come and attend almost every date in the court but this entire headache gets taken care of by us. Overseas citizens are spared the anguish of travelling back and forth. Thus, there is valuable saving done in terms of both work time and finances. Our dedication to the need of overseas citizens is unparalleled. We have completely oriented our systems to suit the needs of NRI clients.

SN Legal Advocates and Solicitor can guide you on the best options for you, the process involved and assist with all regulatory aspects on any below mentioned areas and more. Please contact us by phone or via email. Please check our contact page for various options available to you.

Following are some broad areas wherein we are helping our existing NRI clients:

  • Indian Citizenship & Visa
  • Custody for Land, Flat, Real Estate & other Assets
  • Ancestral real estate & inheritance advisory
  • Sale purchase of real estate & other assets
  • Family settlements & separation suits / cases
  • Overseas Citizenship of India ( OCI ) & Person of Indian Origin( PIO )
  • Indian Visa Extensions
  • Apostilization & attestation of agreements,contracts and other documents
  • Passport related services
  • Inter- Country Adoption
  • Solemnization of Marriages between Indian and Foreigner/NRI in India
  • Solemnization of Marriages between two Foreigners in India
  • Divorce or separation proceedings for parties currently settled down overseas or for one party abroad and the another in India