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SN Legal Advocates and Solicitor – Leading Property Law Firm in Mumbai. We specialize in all legal matters related to property. A lot of clients come to us after they have done their online research. We recently conducted a survey among those clients and asked them 3 specific questions – 1) What did they researched for online? 2) If they felt they got issues resolved and if not then 3) What are the reasons that they feel so.

First, following are some of the terms that were used most often by our clients in their searches ( we have listed only the most commonly used terms here):

Will Transfers
Gift Deed
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Movable vs Immovable property
Property Rights
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To our second question, if they felt that got issues resolved, most felt NO they did not get their issues resolved. A lot of them felt that got more confused and some even scared of the adverse repercussions after reading online forums and blogs. There were few who were satisfied as they were looking for draft agreement copy or copies of bye laws or general definition of legal terms.

On our last question to those who did not feel that their issue was resolved, we asked them – What are the reasons that they felt that way. A common theme emerged wherein almost all of them feel that the solution given online did not completely apply to their situation. And many of them were confused as to which specific law or court ruling was applicable to them.

Nowadays, with property values soaring high every day, one should not take the risks of going it alone without the advice of an experienced lawyer who can help you out. In fact, while good legal representation may not be cheap, it can help avoid bad situations later – not to mention the potential alternatives for not using an attorney – including unenforceable agreements, lost claims, or lost share in property among others.

We SN Legal Advocates and Solicitor – specialize in all legal matters related to property. We often provide a free initial consultation as well depending upon the nature of the case. Please see our Practice Areas for more details.

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